Simulation for Designers - Part 4

Simulation for Designers - Part 4

Simulation for Designers - Part 4

Fringe Display Stress Plots

As mentioned in the previous article, based on best practice, there is a need to analyse results at least three times, to check whether the stress results have converged. In most cases, hopefully, the difference in stress values will become minimal. But however due to stress singularities the stress values will not converge. In these scenarios Nastran In-CAD's comprehensive set of post processing tools can prove to be helpful. Since there are many post-processing tools available within Nastran In-CAD here will initially discuss Fringe Display plots.

The main benefit of using fringe results is that once we alter the maximum value of the legend bar any value higher than the new maximum will be displayed as grey. This can prove to be very useful as we can use this technique to isolate high stresses due to singularities and concentrate in the area of interest.

It is important to note that altering the maximum value is not about fiddling (non-technical term) with results but is merely about presenting results which are meaningful. Once we have a minimal grey area we can use the probe tool available within Nastran In-CAD to display the maximum value. The benefit of using fringe display and probe like this is to help locate the maximum value location with ease in the area of interest within the model.

I hope you find this tool helpful and stayed tuned till next week for more post processing options.

: If you cannot wait till next and coming weeks and would like to learn more about Nastran In-CAD now then I would recommend the 'Up and Running with Autodesk Nastran In-CAD 2019' book available from Amazon worldwide!

If you would to watch some of the videos I have created around Autodesk Simulation then please take a look at our Simulation webinar library.


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