Free whitepaper: Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

Get practical advice on how you can achieve a clear and appropriate Digitalisation Strategy.

Free whitepaper: Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

In our free copy you will get practical advice on how to achieve a clear and appropriate Digitalisation Strategy.

You will learn about:

  • The challenges and new opportunities in the industry
  • How to take into consideration the whole Value Chain
  • How is Digital Twin connected to your strategy
  • The Business values of Industrial IoT
  • 4 recommended steps to make your company truly digital

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BIM Forum 2021 on demand

13 september 2021

Symetri bjuder in dig till vårt årliga event BIM Forum 2 september. På BIM Forum kommer du få veta mer om de senaste produktnyheterna och hur du kan arbeta smartare med rätt verktyg.

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Dare to try new things - Tomas Lindgren

02 juli 2021

Our values at Symetri are Passion, Teamwork, Courage and Change. We recently finished a project that put all four to the test: Nordic BIM Summit 2021. Not in the least for Tomas Lindgren, who co-hosted the event, something far out of his comfort zone. I interviewed Tomas about his experience at the events and what he learned from taking on this brand-new challenge.

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