Building relationships – Niina Ahtiainen

Niina Ahtiainen is a Sales Manager who has worked at Symetri for six months. As a new employee she is still learning the ropes and building relationships with both customers and colleagues.

Building relationships – Niina Ahtiainen

Niina works for our Building and Infrastructure sales team in Vantaa, Finland.

“It’s a pretty small team,” she says. “There are around 20 people in the office, so we are a tight-knit group. But I feel like it’s been easy to become part of the team.”

As a Sales Manager Niina’s job is based a lot on building relationships with customers and prospects.

“Every workday is a bit different. There’s not really one day that’s exactly like another. But it’s a lot about being in contact with customers, keeping them satisfied and helping them in any way we can.” Niina explains.

To Niina, the variation is what keeps her motivated.

“The best part of the job is the variety of it, and of course seeing the results of your work. That gives extra energy to the every-day work.” she says.

A step forward

Before coming to Symetri Niina already worked in the industry but working for Symetri came as a bit of a surprise.  

“Well basically I got head-hunted,” she says, and continues “It was kind of a surprise for me that I ended up switching jobs, but I’m really happy I did. I have a lot more responsibility here so it’s a step forward.”

Though she had experience in the industry there was still a lot to learn in the beginning of course.

“It’s not always easy, there’s a lot you need to understand. But I feel like the team here is like a small family. Everybody was very helpful, so I felt really welcome from the start.” she says.

Starting a new job right before the Covid-19 crisis is of course a unique situation, but thankfully, the collaboration within the team is maintained.

“If I have questions or a problem, I can contact anyone and ask” she says. “Even now when we don’t see each other I can call or send a message and be sure that it doesn’t take a long time before I get an answer”

How we live

Changing jobs can be a big decision, so what made Niina choose Symetri? 

“I was kind of balancing which way to go. Every time you change jobs it’s a bit of risk - you never know how it turns out” she says and continues “I remember I went to the website and read Symetri’s values and felt really good about them. Also, I already had a positive impression from the interview. So that’s what made the decision for me”.

Thankfully, she wasn’t disappointed once she started her job.

“It was nice to see when I started that my impression was accurate, I was really pleased with that. Sometimes you have ‘values’, but it’s just empty words that don’t have any impact. But I feel like here, our values are really how we live.” Niina explains.

So far, the colleagues have been the best part of working at Symetri for Niina.

“I really like my job but it’s also important to have great working culture and colleagues. So that I feel happy to go to work every day, meet my colleagues and feel respected. It’s crucial that everyone is treated equally and that everyone’s opinion matters.” She says and continues.” I feel like here people are willing to go the extra mile for others. It’s not just ‘me, me, me’, it’s really all about helping each other and doing things together.”

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