Meridian new features and latest upgrades

Accruent recently added some exciting new features to the Meridian Server, making it more powerful and seamless than ever before.

Meridian new features and latest upgrades

Latest Meridian upgrades

Autodesk Family 2021 Support

Meridian Server 2020 R2 now features support for the latest release of Autodesk design tools.

Forge Integration

Our new Forge Integration allows you to view and use your existing workflows on 3D models in PowerWeb. With Forge, you can view, rotate, slice and explode complex models created in Revit, Inventor and SolidWorks. This gives designers and reviewers a more complete picture of the model.

Forge is integrated with the Meridian Publisher. For the file types configured, the Publisher will send the source files to the Forge service which will render it to an internal format that can be viewed. The rendering remains in the AutoDesk file structure, the source files are deleted within 24 hours.

Portal Integration: Integrated Workflows

Meridian 2020 R2 offers seamless integration with Portal as part of a workflow in Meridian. Exchange of documents is triggered as part of a workflow process and is now handled entirely in the background. Notifications keep the workflow moving by making users aware of important events.

By streamlining integration with Portal, you can now unlock documents on close package as well as access portal package from PowerWeb. Document Types can also now be shared between Meridian and Portal and the user can send the latest released revision of a document to Portal for information.

PowerWeb: Preparing for the transition

Meridian 2020 R2 has numerous enhancements to enable the transition from PowerUser to PowerWeb:

  • Confirmation Pages now support advanced logic in combination with workflow transitions, helping make the workflows more efficient and improve the quality of the data in Meridian.

  • Meridian Publisher now give PowerWeb users access to title block and reference synchronisation for all authoring packages support by Meridian.

  • Several enhancements have made working remotely on complex CAD designs more powerful and more performant.

PowerWeb and Explorer: Metadata Validation

Meridian 2020 R2 extends metadata validation by enhancements to the Set Property Value function in PowerWeb and Import Packages in Explorer. With these enhancements, validation of metadata can now be more tightly controlled and the workload to correct invalid metadata is reduced.

Other Enhancements: General Improvements / Capabilities and Outcome

We value the voice of our customers. Meridian server 2020 is being continuously improved based on your feedback, leading to many smaller improvements in Meridian and PowerWeb, including:

  • E-signature support for OpenID, allowing deployment validation processes when using OpenID and increasing the reach for validated environments.

  • An option to sync Local WorkSpace on Project Workflow transitions enables use of Meridian Project as ‘binders’ for a group of documents.

  • Further Scalability improvements; PowerWeb is now tested with 500 concurrent users accessing a Vault with 1 million documents concurrently.

Meridian Server 2020 R2 is available now. To learn more about Meridian



Nurturing success – Andreas Näsman

16 mars 2021

Andreas Näsman is the Sales Manager for the Swedish manufacturing team. His day to day work is all about supporting his team of technical experts, product developers and account managers and supporting customers directly.

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Webinar: Brandsäkra byggbranschen med Symetri och Bimfire Tools

28 januari 2021

På torsdag 28 januari välkomnar vi Bimfire Software som ska presentera den nya versionen av sin mjukvara Bimfire Tools. Medverkande är Erik Almgren från Bengt Dahlgren AB. Bengt Dahlgren AB började jobba i verktyget redan under 2020, och Erik kommer att dela med sig av deras erfarenheter, hur de jobbar med sina kunder och andra lärdomar. Erik har jobbat i 20 år på fältet som brandkonsult och varit aktiv i att företagets brandverksamhet.

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Symetri E-learning för BIM 360 lanseras i Sverige

26 januari 2021

Symetri tar nu nästa steg i sin satsning på e-learning. Efter framgångarna med e-learning för Naviate och andra lösningar lanserar Symetri nu utbildning för Autodesk BIM 360. Perfekt för dig som på ett snabbt och effektivt sätt vill lära dig BIM 360 och säkerställa att du har koll på alla olika funktioner och använder lösningen på bästa möjliga sätt.

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