Altair Future.Industry 2024

When data science meets rocket science, great innovation happens!
Anmäl dig till Altairs digitala event och ta del av insikter från branschexperter och visionärer om de senaste trenderna som kommer att omforma morgondagens digitala landskap.

Altair Future.Industry 2024

Följ med när Altair utforskar framtiden för vad som är möjligt inom teknik, när branschexperter och visionärer samlas för att dela sina insikter om de senaste trenderna som kommer att omforma morgondagens digitala landskap.

Datum: Onsdag 6 mars och torsdag 7 mars 2024
Tid: Eventet börjar kl 10:00 (svensk tid) båda dagarna. 
Plats: Online

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Day 1

Day 1 will begin the journey to explore the latest megatrends impacting our world.

Discover how leading organizations are embracing sustainable practices to create a positive impact on the planet. From the latest advancements in product development to manufacturing, you won’t want to miss the eco-friendly technologies of the future.

Digital Twin
Unlock the power of Digital Twin technology and its transformative potential across industries. Dive into case studies, real-world applications, and explore how it is revolutionizing product design, development, and maintenance.

Ethics in AI
Navigate the complex landscape of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on ethics. Engage in thought-provoking discussions about responsible AI development, bias mitigation, and the ethical considerations that accompany the rise of machine learning.

Listen to keynote speakers from Altair, Forrester, DEKA, FESTO and American Magic.

Day 2

The convergence of data science and AI-powered simulation boils down to a simple but powerful value proposition: The faster you can demonstrate the truth and/or value of a bold idea, the quicker you can make that idea – and the advantages that come with it – real. 

On day 2 of Future.Industry, we further explore Altair's cutting-edge technology, offer enhanced insights into its capacity to facilitate the development of superior, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable products and processes.

After the main sessions you can choose between four parallel tracks:

Track 1: Next-Gen AI & Engineering: Design & Simulation Intelligence
Track 2: Frictionless AI for the Modern Enterprise
Track 3: Revolutionizing HPC in the Era of AI and Cloud
Track 4: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for the Workforce of Tomorrow